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Coenraad Nell

Coenraad Nell
Given names
MarriageGeertrui NieuwenhuizenView this family
August 29, 1751
Christening of a sonJohannes Nell
October 3, 1751
Christening of a sonCornelis Nell
September 23, 1753
Death of a sonCornelis Nell
February 3, 1762
Marriage of a childJohannes NellMaartje OudshoornView this family
November 25, 1787
Death of a sonJohannes Nell
March 8, 1824

Ook vermeld als Jan Coenraad Nell.

Timmerman met timmermanswerkplaats is in de Kerkstraat in Wassenaar.

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Geboren in 1732 en begraven op 13 maart 1769 of begraven op 8 augustus 1789 te Wassenaar? (Op 8 augustus 1789 geeft Jan Nell het lijk aan van Coenraad Nell, Bk 14 fol 14, Classe 3.-.-.)

have recently found a copy of my family tree; I currently sit at the eighth generation.At the top of the tree is:Coenraad Nell from Hessen, born 1732, died 13-3-1769. Married to Geertrui Nieuwenhuizen on 29-8-1751Coenraad's descendants have, for the most part, always lived in the Netherlands. Coenraad's only son, Johannes (baptised 3-10-1751; married Maartje Outshoorn 25-11-1787) moved into a farmhouse in 1805, called 'Bellesteijn'. The house remained in the family right into the last century. I only know about the 6th generation spreading beyond the Dutch borders - mainly into England during the late 1930's and early 1940's. The family tradition of flower growing has remained to this day, both in Holland and in England.I am keen to learn more about the Nells from the Hessen area. Also, as I now have many names and birthdates on this family tree, it would be good to tie them in to other trees.Regards,Sam Nell

I know of five generations of Nells who lived in Biebelnheim, Hessen. First generation was Gottard Engelhard born about 1730. 2nd generation Johannes. 3rd generation Andreas. 4th generation Phillip, and 5th generation was Adam. All were master tailors. Do you see any connection to your line? Hi Roger,I'm afraid there is no Henry anywhere. Coenraad moved to Holland and it seems that most of his offspring stayed there too. My particular branch remained in the same farm for almost 150 years. I have no other info on Coenraad (e.g. parents, siblings, etc).There is a "Hendrik Nell" born some time in the second half of the 1800's (son of Willem, born 26-1-1839). Sorry I can't shed any more light. Do you have any more details for your "Henry" - dates etc?regards,Sam Hi,I´m a 8th generation Nell in Holland and guess who is on top of my tree (as far back as we know): Coenraad Nell b. 1732 in Hessen. I have a family tree which was created back in 1964. I you want to have more details please let me know.Dick Nell


Gehuwd in de Hoogduitse Kerk te 's-Gravenhage. Woning en timmermanswerkplaats is in de Kerkstraat in Wassenaar.